bulk4home corporate

The ultimate loyalty program for corporates to reward the long service elite team


KYY Empire, understands HOME as a foundation for Malaysian to build harmonious families, launches BULK4HOME@CORPORATE to enhance humanitarian values in corporate culture for our corporate clients. With their families been well taken care off, stress-free employees shall devoted their cohesive energy focusing on their work for the company’s growth and development.

BULK4HOME@CORPORATE connects the mutual benefits for both employers and employees.

As a caring employer, corporates could realize the dream for their employees, provide security for their family as employee benefit to encourage service loyalty. The loyalty program includes own a home, protection and security to family in any unforeseen circumstances and even travel incentives. With such loyalty program, employees could have a peace of mind to focus on fighting for the company’s objectives to achieve their mutual goals.

Collaborating with BULK4HOME@CORPORATE, Corporates shall retain loyal employees and attract the elites in their fields to build a best of Class Company in the industry.