About KYY Empire

KYY Empire

KYY Empire Sdn Bhd is a one of its class property investment firm, offering high capital growth investment strategies for our clients to achieve wealth creation.

Established in 2016, led by our mastermind, Dr KY Lim, KYY Empire creates innovative investment solutions that focusing on maximizing returns and with minimum capital.

Incorporating some of the elements from the Green Ocean Strategy, and driven by the passion to uphold proclaimed human right, KYY Empire strives to achieve our ultimate objective that “property investment for everyone”. KYY Empire will soon a property investment platform that spread our wings in the ASEAN countries to enable economic sharing among the property practitioners through innovative entrepreneurial solutions.

Leveraging on bank financing, network resources, geographical advantage and the right timing, we work closely with premier property developers, cooperatively invest together with carefully selected clients to achieve mutual gains for every stakeholder.

Keeping our finger on the pulse of the property industry and leveraging on its entire eco-system develop profitable solutions for each and every one of our clients based on their individual financial requirements. Todate, KYY Empire has collectively managing real estate portfolio of RM 250 million, of which 87% of our clients are from middle and low income group.

Core Values
Our work culture is driven by values which are engrained in the hearts and minds of every Knights.
to Client
The Knights shall uphold the highest standards of professional code of conduct and ethical practices beyond the industry standards to enhance professional competence by providing a supreme level of investment portfolio to all clients.
The Knights are productive and self-motivated, work together as a team in an efficient and respectful manner. We are dedicated to honoring commitments towards a level of mastery in our fields of work. We hold our hands to grow together and to achieve our life goals together.
The Knights shall persistently remain truthful and keep our promise to deliver market-leading services and performance. We persistency keep on our commitment, continue to find innovative ways, no matter what.
Products and solutions
The Knights constantly strive to redefine the standard of excellence in everything we do. We are open to ideas that challenge the conventional views and drive innovation. The only constant in life is change.
to busines partners and shareholders
The Knights are dedicated to devote the highest commitment to the success of our business partners, and shareholders.
to Community
The Knights shall operate KYY Empire with gratitude and actively recognizes the fundamental role that business plays in society by initiating innovative ways to improve the quality of life locally, nationally and internationally.
Competitive Edge
KYY Empire was driven through the path of success with our persistency and perseverance on SIX MAIN FOCUS.
Innovative Real Estate Solutions

Believing in utilizing minimal resources to generate large margin for the best ROI, KYY Empire exemplifies our philosophy of LEVERAGE, and innovated creative strategies for real estate solutions.

We develop practical strategies to enable our clients to enjoy maximum return with minimum investment, through understanding the elements in the property industry ecosystem, with thorough market research and analysis of the investment opportunities in this volatile era.

We leverage on Bulk Purchase Advantage, Zero Down Payment, Guarantee Rental Solutions and Hassles-Free Management, for our client’s wealth creation.

Investment Cycle Management

In KYY Empire, we manages each client's portfolio using a proven investment life cycle which is made up of four phases: think, plan, do and review. Every client's investment portfolio turns from a idea (think) into a proposal (plan), with prudent execution (do) and periodical evaluation (review), with the ultimate goal to maximize return on investment.

Fact-Based Strategies

Our market research and analysis team posses fundamental experiences to deliver superior insights with reliable facts for the current and future trends in the property market.

Based on quantitative and qualitative research approaches, combined with comprehensive knowledge and experience of our property investment professionals, KYY Empire established fact-based strategies and recommendation for our clients to make better investment decision.

Fact-based strategies, integrated with our solid connection and ample resources, KYY Empire stands a distinctive positioning to assist different levels of partners to achieve the objective of wealth creation and accumulation in the real estate industry.

Global Opportunities

Our concrete and solid relationship with established property developers in various ASEAN countries offer global investment opportunities to our clients from all ASEAN countries. Thus far, we have been offering property sources in emerging market such as Cambodia, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, apart from our home country Malaysia and our neighbor Singapore.

Risk Management

As leading experts in the field of property investment, KYY Empire offers consultancy and strategies aimed at generating sustainable profit from property without the need of huge capital. Our portfolio managers are equipped with expertise and knowhow to assist our clients effectively minimise risk and maximise opportunities in the realm of property investment. Our track record is the best evidence for the result.

Experienced and Passionate Team

Our professional investment team exemplifies synergy of expertise in various disciplines including real estate investors, bankers, lawyers, accountants, tax specialist. They are not only experienced but passionate in assisting our clients to achieve their financial freedom through property investments.

Collaboration of this team of high-performance professionals grants the wisdom and foresight to empower KYY Empire to rise as one of the leading property investment firm in the region we are in.