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Who We Are
Established in 2016, led by our mastermind, KY Lim, KYY Empire is a modern and progressive property solutions company, providing innovative wealth generation solutions for our clients.

Incorporating some of the elements from the Green Ocean Strategy, and driven by the passion to uphold proclaimed human right, KYY Empire strives to achieve our ultimate objective that "property solutions for everyone". KYY Empire will soon a property solutions platform that spread our wings in the ASEAN countries to enable economic sharing among the property practitioners through innovative entrepreneurial solutions.

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Why Choose Us?
Reasons to Choose Us
Innovative Real Estate Solutions
Believing in utilizing minimal resources to generate large margin for the best ROI, KYY Empire exemplifies our philosophy of LEVERAGE, and innovated creative strategies for real estate solutions.
Investment Cycle Management
We manages each client's portfolio using a proven investment life cycle which is made up of four phases: think, plan, do and review.
Fact-Based Strategies
Our market research and analysis team posses fundamental experiences to deliver superior insights with reliable facts for the current and future trends in the property market.
Global Opportunities
Our concrete and solid relationship with established property developers in various ASEAN countries offer global investment opportunities to our clients from all ASEAN countries.
Risk Management
As leading experts in the field of property investment, KYY Empire offers consultancy and strategies aimed at generating sustainable profit from property without the need of huge capital.
Experience and Passionate Team
Our professional investment team exemplifies synergy of expertise in various disciplines including real estate investors, bankers, lawyers, accountants, tax specialist.
  • SOBA
  • Golden Eagle Awards
  • Sin ChewBusiness E
  • Platinum Business Award 2017
  • The Brand Lau
  • Nan Yang
  • SME 100
  • Platinum Business Award 2018
  • One Caring Heart Malaysia